Tricia Breen

Tricia Breen brings with her many years of hands on experience with animals. In addition to consulting with individuals, Tricia teaches our Canine Problem Clinics and classes, as well as the Canine Behavior Academy, Levels I and II.


Her background includes nine years at the Marin Humane Society, most recently as the Animal Care Director, as well as two years at Santa Cruz Animal Services.  In both shelters, she was responsible for the well being of hundreds of animals at any given time.  Previous to her directorship, Tricia was a senior consultant and instructor at MHS. In addition, she instructed classes at dog training clubs in Oakland, California, and Madison, Wisconsin.


Tricia is a master at reading and interpreting the emotions of dogs; knowing exactly how and when to help them adjust their behavior. This talent extends to owners and handlers as well.


A Bay Area native, Tricia received a B.S. in Biology with an emphasis in ecology and animal behavior from the University of Massachusetts.


Testimonials for Tricia Breen

"When you see Tricia Breen pick up a leash you see magic start to happen. It's pure choreography..."

"Tricia sees into the mind and heart of a dog and instinctively knows what the dog needs..."

"Tricia has an amazing talent. She can set a dog (and his human ) at ease instantly. In such a reassuring space, learning starts to happen at both ends of the leash. "

"There are dog trainers and dog whisperers, but Tricia is a healer. It's indescribable how she understands and speaks the language of the dog."

"Until you see Tricia work with a dog, no matter how wild or reactive or frightened, you have never really seen dog training. "

"Tricia Breen is your "go to" person for any animal issue you may have. She has a rare gift of insight. "