Helpful Handouts

Please feel free to download any of these articles or handouts for yourselves or clients.  


Training Videos

Here are some video's of commonly taught exercises that you might find helpful: 

Find it (a way to help teach loose leash walking and a method to retrain leash reactive dogs)

Find it in action with client dog

Come-for (a way to teach your dog to move back from something that has caught his attention)

L-Turn (slightly different from the come-for; very useful for dogs who are reactive on leash)

U-turn (turning away from an oncoming threat without pulling or tugging on the leash)

Wait - Method 1 (Aspen waits)

Wait - Method 2 (Luke permanent wait at door)

Wait while moving away (taught using retrieve)

Wait for food

Kitchen Training (Train your dogs to not fight over dropped food)

Zen Down (a way to teach your dog to relax quickly, especially after something has excited him or her)

Crate Training (there are lots of ways to do this; this is just one)

Dog Charge/heel (Luke's rude way of greeting dogs, followed by work on heel and ignoring other dogs)

A list of trainers, walkers and daycare services, mostly in Northern California, that might be of use to you
Trainer list with area 1.4.xlsx
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Noseworks Teachers and Classes
Noseworks is a great resource for dogs with problem behaviors. The class allows the dog to become fully immersed in his primary sense, teaches him to think, and often replaces fear with fun.
Nose Work Resources.pdf
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Have you ever tried do do your dog's nails, and failed before you've even begun?  Your dog takes one look at the clippers, and starts to shake, or escape, or even growl.  

A while back, I developed a tool for this, and other times when you want to reduce visual stimulation.   It's a Calming Cap.  It's now sold by Thundershirt, which calls it a Thunder Cap.  You can get it here:

The cap can be handy for dogs who bark in the car, who don't like to be handled, and who are over-wrought from nasty sounds, like thunder or fireworks.

Seminar Videos & Books

Trish has spoken at many venues in the US and Canada.   If you're interested in videos of presentations, there are many to choose from - Puppies to Problems, Fear in dogs, Multiple Dog Problems and working with the Bullies.   They can be purchased or rented here at Tawzer Dog Videos.  

Parenting Your Dog can be downloaded from as an ebook


You can download Dogsense - a training manual - by clicking here.    It's free!