Working with Fearful Dogs


Fear is the most primitive and necessary of all emotions – but it’s also the one that interferes most with the lives of us and our companions. Fear can be the reason a dog is difficult to handle or aggressive in a shelter or in a home. Behavior modification can be subtle and time consuming, challenging for most people to deal with. As a result, fear issues can cause anxiety that wrecks havoc on our homes. This module recaps the various causes of fear, body language as displayed by different breed types, common mistakes and appropriate behavior modification techniques for both shelter and owned dogs.


Here are summaries of two symposiums I spoke about.  Interesting stuff!



Week 1 Part 1

Week 1 Part 2

Week 1 Part 3

Week 1 Part 4

Week 1 Part 5

Week 2 part 1

Week 3 - Fear in shelter dogs (mostly)