Behavior Modification in Real life

In this course, we will discuss how to work in the real world, with real people who don't always have the time, expertise or willingness to do what a consultant or trainer thinks is appropriate.   The results of learning about human behavior in conjunction with dog behavior can be very rewarding

Here is the outline of the class (Powerpoint).   This is just a guide, and may change with the direction of the class.

Real Life Behavior Mod

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Week 1 Part 1

Week 1 Part 2

Week 2 part 1

Week 2 part 2 - Consult

Week 2 part 3

Week 3 part 1 - Consult with Boston

Week 3 part 2- Lecture with ppt

Week 3 part 3 - Consult about new young dog

Week 3 part 4 - Continuation of lecture and wrap up