Reactive Dog Module

This module is aimed at helping owners (or ourselves) with reactive dogs.  These dogs can be just frustrated, afraid or truly aggressive.   Their motivation will influence how we address the issues.   We will video what we can.  Here is a link to the handout: 



Week 1


In this class, we went over the types of emotions that can cause reactivity, and what needs to be taught to dogs to help them become calmer and more controlled.  We also did a consult with an Aussie with high levels of specific reactivity (mostly in-home to humans and sounds) 

Week 2

This week, we discussed specific methods of behavior modification - BAT, CAT, LAT, Abandonment and CAMP.  

Here's a link to the Abandonment video we saw - Paulie

Here's a link to a piece comparing BAT to Abandonment

Week 3

take this short quiz to receive your completion certificate;

Reactive Dog Quiz