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June, 2017 - Socially Deprived Dogs - and how to help


May, 2017 - How to be a popular dog person (for our non-doggie friends)


April, 2017 - Training Troubles (pulling on leash)


March, 2017 - Training against instincts - Trial and Error Learning


February, 2017 - Cats, Dogs and Avoiding Conflict


January, 2017 - Head and Heart - Emotions in Training


December, 2016 - Dog Defensive - Safety first


November, 2016 - Rainy Days and Potty Problems


October, 2016 - Our Psychic Dogs


September, 2016 - Predicting & Preventing Problems


August, 2016 - Home Sweet Home - Territorial Defense


July, 2016 - Different dog personalities and their different training needs


June, 2016 - Developing Trust in Your Dog


May, 2016 - Youth and Age


April, 2016 - Overly excitable dogs


March, 2016 - Jumping Up and Play Biting


 February, 2016 - Trail Manners - Part II


January, 2016  Trail Manners - Part I


December, 2015  Choosing the Right Dog


November, 2015  Home Alone and Hating It (Part II)


October, 2015 Home Alone and Hating It (Part I)


September, 2015 From the Perspective of Small Dogs


August, 2015 Fearful Curiosity - Dogs can be ambivalent and it can cause defensive behavior


July, 2015 On Leash Reactivity - What it is and what you can do about it


June, 2015 Part Two - Living with Multiple Dogs (Civil War)


May, 2015 Part One - Living with Multiple dogs


April, 2015 Now that you've designed your park, does your dog want to play in it?


March, 2015 What if your dog designed a dog park?


February, 2015 Working with cautious or fearful dogs


January, 2015 Through Their Eyes and Ours


December, 2014  Dog Body Language - they're talking to us


November, 2014  Common Behavior Problems (and some ways to help)


October, 2014  Different kinds of training methods, and why they may or may not work