Certification Requirements

ADB Certified Canine behavior counselor (CCBC)

  • There are a few ways to get there: 
    • If you took classes at HSSV or MHS -   Graduation from the Foundation Class and completion of three modules,
    • For Classes at Lily's Legacy or Camp K-9 of Marin - Completion of six modules, including Instincts, Emotions and Body Language.
    • Passing grade in the final exam and final project.  The open book exam will be sent to individuals after the completion of the courses.
  • Final project:  There is no deadline.   When you send me information on this, please put ADB FINAL PROJECT in the subject line, so that it can be differentiated from other emails.   Once I have received and approved the project and its outcome, I will be more than happy to certify you as a “ADB - Certified Canine Behavior Counselor” It’s important to remember that you do not have to do what I would do – goals can be reached in many ways.   Your methodology should be well thought out, humane and as successful as possible, given that you are working with a sentient being (or two) and they are not always predictable.

You need to work with a specific dog.  This can be a client dog, a shelter dog or your own dog.   


1)              Define the goal behavior or behaviors.  You can have a training goal – for instance, you might be working with a client’s dog, and have the goal of teaching all the basic behaviors (sit/come/down/stay/heel (or polite walking), wait, and leave it).   If you’re working on a behavior problem, you should be able to define the baseline behavior and the goal behavior.  Video is not mandatory, but at the least you should describe what you are seeing. 


2)              Describe the process you intend to take, and then do progress reports – video and written


3)              When you’ve reached the goal behavior, submit your progress reports and the result.  


4)              If the goal cannot be reached for some reason, please submit the progress you had made and the reason for the aborted goal.


If you need help during this, that is just fine!  You can email me or make an appointment (free, unless it’s abused) and we can discuss what you might need to do.   


Here’s a format you can use to note your progress  (both in word and spreadsheet format)

Project Sheet ADB.docx
Microsoft Word Document 51.7 KB
Project Sheet.xlsx
Microsoft Excel Table 27.7 KB